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HeadFirst Mental Health Initiative
Free comprehensive, evidenced-based mental health resources, treatment, and education in Dallas, TX.

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis


The HeadFirst Mental Health Initiative (HMHI) is a mental health non-profit (501c3) aimed at reducing the burden of mental health in underserved populations in Dallas through providing community outreach, public education, and evidenced-based mental health treatment at no cost to families.

How it works:

  • Families reach out to our nonprofit and our team facilitates the initial screening, intake, and assessment process

  • If the family meets eligibility, they are paired with a provider in the area, or placed on a temporary waitlist if we are at capacity

  • Once the match is made, the family begins weekly counseling with their provider- free of cost to the family.

  • The provider sends the monthly bill to the nonprofit, and the nonprofit covers the cost of therapy on behalf of the family.

  • The provider collects weekly and monthly assessments from the client or family, and sends these assessments to the nonprofit so that our team can track progress and collect data to ensure our programs are beneficial and hitting treatment goals.

  • The nonprofit acts as the middleman, raising funds which are used to directly cover the cost of therapy for families who could otherwise not afford to receive those services.


This method of providing services is mutually beneficial for both provider and family, leading to a sustainable way of providing quality, evidenced-based mental health treatments to underserved populations most in need.

Mental Health nonprofit in Dallas TX

Main Features of our Program:

  • Therapy is provided for the family for as long as it is needed given the family is motivated and showing up to session each week.

  • Eligibility is based on motivation and desire to do the work in therapy once extreme crisis situations are resolved (meaning, we do not accept anyone who is currently homeless, in extreme crisis, currently abusing or history of drug use or abuse, or would be better helped through a hospital stay).

  • Once treatment goals have all been met, the client ends their counseling with our nonprofit and the funding is released to help the next client on our waitlist.

Services and Programs

HMHI provides the following services to children, adolescents, teens, parents, and families in the Dallas area:


  • Play Therapy

  • Adolescent and Teen Therapy

  • Parenting Support and Coaching

  • Community Education

  • Clinical Training and Education for Providers

  • Community Outreach Services

Looking for free mental health counseling for you or a member of your family? Visit our Request Services tab at the top of this webpage, or click here.

Help Our Cause
Free mental health counseling in Dallas, TX
Free parenting counseling in Dallas, TX

Donate now to help families in need of mental health counseling.

Your donation will help us expand our service offerings and reach more families in our targeted population.

Thus far, many of the clients receiving services through our non-profit:

  • Have a total family income of less than $40,000 annually.

  • Have at least 4 family members living on the above referenced annual budget.

  • Many clients have experienced significant trauma, including but not limited to sexual abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, feelings of worthlessness, violent deaths in the family, grief, and medical trauma.

  • All families have attested to otherwise not being able to afford any mental health treatment or qualifying for services at other community agencies prior to becoming eligible and enrolling in our services.


Your donation will help us do the following:

  • Reach our goal of providing free counseling services for up to 25 families within the first year of services. A $100 donation pays for one therapy session for a child, adolescent, or family in our program.

  • Roll out our community education presentations in targeted neighborhoods around Dallas to increase families knowledge of best practices in mental wellness.

  • Hire a Clinical Director to manage day to day operations.

  • Pay therapists a competitive, living wage for the quality services they are providing. This allows us to contract with experienced, trained clinicians and avoid the typical agency trap of rotating interns.

Contact Us

3500 Oak Lawn Ave, Suite 350

Dallas, TX 75219


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